Music Releases 07-05-19

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Stranger Things [TV Series] - Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series, Season 3 Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series, Season 3

Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series, Season 3 will feature 15 classic tracks and the debut of an original cast recording.

Stranger Things [TV Series]
BTS - Lights / Boy With Luv (Music Videos) [CD/DVD] Lights / Boy With Luv (Music Videos) [CD/DVD]

'Lights / Boy With Luv' features the brand new Japanese-original song "Lights" as well as Japanese versions of "Boy With Luv" and "IDOL". Disc 2 is a DVD that features the music videos for "Lights" and "IDOL".

Sigur Ros - Agetis byrjun - A Good Beginning (20th Anniversary Edition) [2LP] Agetis byrjun - A Good Beginning (20th Anniversary Edition) [2LP]

The band expand their breakthrough album with demo and archive versions of all songs on the album, plus never-before-heard newly unearthed material from the time, rare b-sides and the full 95 minute concert played in Reykjavík on the day the record was released in 1999.

Sigur Ros
Skepta - Ignorance Is Bliss Ignorance Is Bliss

3teeth - Metawar [LP] Metawar [LP]

The third full-length studio release for the Los Angeles industrial metal band was produced by Sean Beavan.

Jesca Hoop - Stonechild [LP] Stonechild [LP]

A culmination of life and musical experience, uncompromising in its vision, STONECHILD, the new studio album from Jesca Hoop is a self-described compassion project.Released on July 5th by Memphis Industries, STONECHILD is Hoop refined and defined. Beautiful, subtle and stark, her fifth album, the follow up to 2017s highly acclaimed Memories Are Now, is her best yet. Despite being a long-term resident of Manchester, Hoop, has until now, returned to her native California to record. This time round however, it was according to Hoop time to step out of my comfort zone, my safe place, venturing south to Bristol to team up with producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, Aldous Harding, This is the Kit). Parishs minimal and purist approach helped clarify Hoop in her ideas and subtly yet effectively realigning her sound. The simplified arrangements draw focus to the fundamental sophistication of the songs.While Hoops trademark finger-plucked guitar and ethereal textures remain, the songs and their presentation are ever more direct. Parish was a gentle collaborator until he killed one of my darlings Hoop jests. Ive never been so brutally edited, and I wasnt shy about expressing my discomfort at the sight of my work on the cutting room floor. He said, you will forgive me, and in some way, I think I actually enjoyed that treatmentbeing stripped back to the bare basicsalbeit painfully. STONECHILD ventures further into fresh territory with other voices joining the narrative, with Kate Stables (aka This is the Kit) Rozi Plain and Lucius singing the choruses and expanding the sensual depth of the sonic bloom.STONECHILD, Hoop says, is intended to wrap its arms around our human planet spinning in its increasingly precarious wobble. These rich and curious songs derived from themes of our troubled times speak Hoops heart and mind from her empathetic yet tough loving centre point. With writing so fluid, so natural the result is an album where everything is truly meant.

Jesca Hoop
Abbath - Outstrider [LP] Outstrider [LP]

ABBATH comment on the album: "Abbath, honed sharp by trial and terror, proudly present 'Outstrider' - our latest catharsis wrung from the guts of darkness. Forged in fiery furnace of adversity, hammered on an anvil of rage, this album is conjured from conflagration coughed from rift of Chaos, rising like a Phoenix from the Pit, to infect our Spitegeist with shamaniacal reflections sheathed in metal compositions, hooked and riffed by razor wire licks impaling bass-lines pulsed on drumbeats dredged from thunderous abyss, by a hive-mind wed to one whole emission: To boldly go where no band has gone before and one step further!"

The coverartwork, which is created by Kim Holm and Olav Iversen, and the track-list for 'Outstrider' can be found below.

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody - Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution) Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)

Almost ten years ago the band Rhapsody of Fire split into. Guitarist and songwriter Luca Turilli went on to form Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody while vocalist Fabio Lione would carry on under the name Rhapsody of Fire. It’s now 2019 and both prev members as well as former Rhapsody members Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers, and Alex Holzwarth have come together to form Rhapsody, Turilli / Lione and release their new album “Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)”. A collection of ten incredible tracks that maintain the band’s theatrical and symphonic metal roots while bringing the genre to new plateaus

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody
Brand of Sacrifice - Godhand Godhand

The eagerly awaited debut album from genre melting act BRAND OF SACRIFICE.

Brand of Sacrifice
American Pleasure Club - Fucking Bliss [Dark Blue & White Swirl LP] Fucking Bliss [Dark Blue & White Swirl LP]

American Pleasure Club is a pop band from Baltimore, MD. Founded under the name ‘Teen Suicide’, they opted to change in 2016, finalizing the switch on Christmas, 2017 with the release of their album ‘I blew on a dandelion & the whole world disappeared’. Functioning similarly to an art collective, rather than a traditional rock group, the only definite band member is singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist/composer Sam Ray, who writes & arranges all of the band’s music, and lyrics, as well as doing the bulk of the recording & mixing. While having worked & functioned as a proper, traditional ‘rock band’ in the past, the group was founded by Sam Ray as a solo endeavor, and the newest record ‘fucking bliss’ returns them once again to that setup, as Ray is the only person who wrote for the album, recorded for the album, etc. Considering this, it’s not surprising then that the album is so intensely personal, not just in its themes & lyrics, but the music & sound as well. Ray has called the album a ‘deconstructed pop record’ – and ‘music deconstructed & broken down’ – citing the works of French author, photographer, and essayist Eduoard Levé, in particular his posthumous book ‘Suicide’, as well as Jacques Derrida’s difference and its application well beyond literature as big influences on the album’s theme & concept.

American Pleasure Club
Paul McCartney - Drive My Car / Nod Your Head / Calico Skies (Live) - Single Drive My Car / Nod Your Head / Calico Skies (Live) - Single

Paul McCartney